Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chilly Toes... has finally arrived... the first signs of Winter. Today, the high was 32, and walking outside becomes a dreaded task.

It's been cold a total of two days, and I've already began aching for summer. I live for summer, as soon as its even slightly warm enough, I Take off almost every weekend to Charleston. Nothing in this whole, wide world makes me happier than my toes in the sand, with an ice cold beer, watching the waves and being warm. Here the past two days, I've spent lots of time day dreaming about summer, and what this summer brings. Summer of 2012, will be the Best Summer of my life. what i wouldn't give to be there already..

Its Amazing, this new and improved me, doesn't even know what to think...I? Me? I have found time in my mind to think about something other than alterations, bridesmaids shoes, tuxes, cake, food, etc?  I am Enjoying this.
I Can honestly say..Brad and I moving our wedding to a much smaller, Gatlinburg wedding..was hands down...the best decision we have made up to this point. it took so much stress away, and we both feel like..we can breath for a second. I've witnessed some knock down bride & groom Drag outs during wedding planning time, and we..have none of those. we know what we have to do, we've picked the food, we've laid it out, there...or dont. Simple as that. No questions asked. No hassling...Just simplicity. 

Here lately, my spare time I've consumed with Crafts, football, (lots of food), and napping. Between all the Family time, we have had with christmas and new years.... Brad  and myself, tend to turn into recluses. Getting sweaty palms, and cold feet at the thought of having to go anywhere but home in our PJs.. So thats exactly where we have been...hiding. :)

only 162 days....

until later on...


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