Friday, March 8, 2013

Back-to backs- to backs....

Well- it's been a long week. I've been completely under the weather and I've forced myself out the door. It has to be this disgusting weather all the rain and wind and cold, I am so thankful this weekend were looking at 65+ degrees, I need some sunshine in my life.
I am soo thankful that I signed up for a last minute run- and thanks to some very sweet Kappa Deltas at wofford, still got the early bird rate!  Shamrock N Run, which is put on by Wofford to help starving children, and I'm okay with that. Unfortunately it's not a certified course or bib timed, but it's good practice and gets me outside.

Last weekend, we ran Riverbank Run, which was a run through the riverbank zoo to support meals on wheels. It was hands down. The hardest course I have ever run- mostly uphill, in the woods, and freezing- my time wasnt great because i had clearly under-trained the week before.But after was the best feeling ever knowing I had completed it, that I had stuck with it. And pushed myself.

I've caught the bug, and I'm attempting to get Brad to catch the runners bug as well, I push myself because I want that half marathon medal so bad I can almost taste it, and that's what keeps me going. Until you want something so bad you can't stand it- you will never be able to shove yourself hard enough. I have runs every single weekend until the 2nd week of July lined up. And sometimes twice a weekend. Lets hope all goes well, and we get some lower times.

Hey- I've even convinced brad to run 3 of them (that's a start and I'll take it)
Until later,

Monday, February 4, 2013

Starting Back Up...

So...  I have decided now that I'm Married, and have been for... ooh...8 months, and it is going amazing, obviously. (you cant go wrong marrying your BFF) It is time to blog about something new. So, how about my most recent passion (which came from a previous love...prior to a busted up knee)

Its Slow and steady around here so far, Running everyday- if not twice a day. I'm determined to get back to where I was before, even if I have to bleed, stop breathing, make someone else bleed or stop breathing. you know. Saturday, I competed in my very 1st 5K, Called "a Hero's 5K" (hey! Its a start!!) I finished at 40:19, with a 13 minute pace, 420th out of 673 people. Which I am proud of for it to be my first and it can only go up from here.

But lets not forget-- I love the running community in general. The people are friendly and fantastic, everyone is supportive and more than willing to answer any questions, or point out and give advice. And every Run (that I'm going to compete in) ALWAYS helps a charity or a great cause. A Hero's 5 K.. Raised money to donate to Vets and those who lost their lives protecting us.. whether it be recently, or maybe not so recently. And coming from a family FULL of Vets-- its something I like to be a part of. 

This is just the beginning-- be prepared, and know I'm keeping this for me. Don't feel obligated to read, or even care for that matter :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

DO it ya self!

Here lately I've been feeling rather... Crafty. I get into these little moods occasionally. Normally it turns out okay.

Let's start with A) our house had horrible stepping stones leading to our porch. And by stepping stones... I mean cement blocks in the ground. It drove me nuts and made the house look bad. So after much pleading and a few puppy dog eyes.. I got the okay to start my project. (thanks B!) and we now have a gorgeous brick walk way that I am so proud of.

B) I have been eye balling these cute new paper bag skirts that are so in right now. They are adorable but at $45+ for something that will go outta style tomorrow... I can't do it. So thanks to A lovely blog I stumbled on... I made a skirt. Yes.. Made. And I'm pretty fond of it personally. Plus its comfortable!!

My next projects?...stand by... They are on the way ;)

Real life?!

Holy Moly I marry my best friend in TEN days?! Is this real life right now? We are so thrilled and so ready for the day to finally be here!! Things are so busy. Between meetings and pictures, showers and keeping our house clean .. It's never ending. But all worth it. (plus the days off work are a huge plus)

Just because I'm busy doesn't mean I've stopped my home decor antics haha. Just last night I painted a mirror, it was an old gold mirror my moms has since I was a kid, it needed some flair before it crossed my threshold so... Turquoise is was! :) I've also mounted my tv..finally! Finished our new and improved walk in closet, and my hubby has even taken down a tree or two and cleaned up his barn so it's nice and organized and mole free!!
I'm so thankful to be marrying a man who understands me, and accepts that I never slow down, ever I'm constantly 100 MPH. But I get alot done..
Helllloooo I had my entire house painted in a week. I'm so thankful for this man..

Our house is now a home. And our forever is about to be set in stone. I'm stoked.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Finally a Not so Busy weekend

So this weekend we finally had a not so slammed weekend. We've been working so hard trying to get the house ready, between painting, moving, cutting grass, busting down walls, it's been insane. But all well worth it!!!

Friday, I washed clothes, picked up, and got groceries. Saturday, brad went fishing, while I sat at home watching movies, then we went to dinner, and caught a movie. Sunday. Was actually our day of "work" if you will... We moved in the last bit of our furniture, finished the molding around the dog door, and at the very last moment decided to start a brick walk way... Which looks amazing (forgive the dark picture) I'll post some before and after pictures soon I promise!!

For those who don't know, we purchased an older home in Fountain Inn. Which I love. It's a project, something we can continue to change and update.. It keeps us super busy, when we have the cash, because lowes is NOT cheap. but we like it, and we're happy with it.

Until later on...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I Haven't realized how long it's really been since I've updated this thing!!

It's been so busy around here placing those finishing touches on the wedding, doing Bridal portraits, and making bouquets...since as of today we only have 44 days. And i JUST applied for our marriage licenses...So exciting and scary all at the same time. But luckily everything is paid for and picked out, all we do now is sit back and wait.

Which... Is actually good for us since we just got a HOUSE. :D yes a HOUSE Of our very own! We moved in 3 weeks ago today, we painted, and put up a fence and are slowly but surely making a home. It's like our own little project and we have found ourselves making lots and lots of trips to Lowes. It may or may not be my new favorite store. Not gonna lie.

That's pretty much all of our exciting news here lately... Maybe soon we will have even bigger news..... Does it get bigger really??

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chilly Toes... has finally arrived... the first signs of Winter. Today, the high was 32, and walking outside becomes a dreaded task.

It's been cold a total of two days, and I've already began aching for summer. I live for summer, as soon as its even slightly warm enough, I Take off almost every weekend to Charleston. Nothing in this whole, wide world makes me happier than my toes in the sand, with an ice cold beer, watching the waves and being warm. Here the past two days, I've spent lots of time day dreaming about summer, and what this summer brings. Summer of 2012, will be the Best Summer of my life. what i wouldn't give to be there already..

Its Amazing, this new and improved me, doesn't even know what to think...I? Me? I have found time in my mind to think about something other than alterations, bridesmaids shoes, tuxes, cake, food, etc?  I am Enjoying this.
I Can honestly say..Brad and I moving our wedding to a much smaller, Gatlinburg wedding..was hands down...the best decision we have made up to this point. it took so much stress away, and we both feel like..we can breath for a second. I've witnessed some knock down bride & groom Drag outs during wedding planning time, and we..have none of those. we know what we have to do, we've picked the food, we've laid it out, there...or dont. Simple as that. No questions asked. No hassling...Just simplicity. 

Here lately, my spare time I've consumed with Crafts, football, (lots of food), and napping. Between all the Family time, we have had with christmas and new years.... Brad  and myself, tend to turn into recluses. Getting sweaty palms, and cold feet at the thought of having to go anywhere but home in our PJs.. So thats exactly where we have been...hiding. :)

only 162 days....

until later on...