Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I Haven't realized how long it's really been since I've updated this thing!!

It's been so busy around here placing those finishing touches on the wedding, doing Bridal portraits, and making bouquets...since as of today we only have 44 days. And i JUST applied for our marriage licenses...So exciting and scary all at the same time. But luckily everything is paid for and picked out, all we do now is sit back and wait.

Which... Is actually good for us since we just got a HOUSE. :D yes a HOUSE Of our very own! We moved in 3 weeks ago today, we painted, and put up a fence and are slowly but surely making a home. It's like our own little project and we have found ourselves making lots and lots of trips to Lowes. It may or may not be my new favorite store. Not gonna lie.

That's pretty much all of our exciting news here lately... Maybe soon we will have even bigger news..... Does it get bigger really??

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