Friday, March 8, 2013

Back-to backs- to backs....

Well- it's been a long week. I've been completely under the weather and I've forced myself out the door. It has to be this disgusting weather all the rain and wind and cold, I am so thankful this weekend were looking at 65+ degrees, I need some sunshine in my life.
I am soo thankful that I signed up for a last minute run- and thanks to some very sweet Kappa Deltas at wofford, still got the early bird rate!  Shamrock N Run, which is put on by Wofford to help starving children, and I'm okay with that. Unfortunately it's not a certified course or bib timed, but it's good practice and gets me outside.

Last weekend, we ran Riverbank Run, which was a run through the riverbank zoo to support meals on wheels. It was hands down. The hardest course I have ever run- mostly uphill, in the woods, and freezing- my time wasnt great because i had clearly under-trained the week before.But after was the best feeling ever knowing I had completed it, that I had stuck with it. And pushed myself.

I've caught the bug, and I'm attempting to get Brad to catch the runners bug as well, I push myself because I want that half marathon medal so bad I can almost taste it, and that's what keeps me going. Until you want something so bad you can't stand it- you will never be able to shove yourself hard enough. I have runs every single weekend until the 2nd week of July lined up. And sometimes twice a weekend. Lets hope all goes well, and we get some lower times.

Hey- I've even convinced brad to run 3 of them (that's a start and I'll take it)
Until later,

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