Monday, February 4, 2013

Starting Back Up...

So...  I have decided now that I'm Married, and have been for... ooh...8 months, and it is going amazing, obviously. (you cant go wrong marrying your BFF) It is time to blog about something new. So, how about my most recent passion (which came from a previous love...prior to a busted up knee)

Its Slow and steady around here so far, Running everyday- if not twice a day. I'm determined to get back to where I was before, even if I have to bleed, stop breathing, make someone else bleed or stop breathing. you know. Saturday, I competed in my very 1st 5K, Called "a Hero's 5K" (hey! Its a start!!) I finished at 40:19, with a 13 minute pace, 420th out of 673 people. Which I am proud of for it to be my first and it can only go up from here.

But lets not forget-- I love the running community in general. The people are friendly and fantastic, everyone is supportive and more than willing to answer any questions, or point out and give advice. And every Run (that I'm going to compete in) ALWAYS helps a charity or a great cause. A Hero's 5 K.. Raised money to donate to Vets and those who lost their lives protecting us.. whether it be recently, or maybe not so recently. And coming from a family FULL of Vets-- its something I like to be a part of. 

This is just the beginning-- be prepared, and know I'm keeping this for me. Don't feel obligated to read, or even care for that matter :)

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