Monday, May 7, 2012

Finally a Not so Busy weekend

So this weekend we finally had a not so slammed weekend. We've been working so hard trying to get the house ready, between painting, moving, cutting grass, busting down walls, it's been insane. But all well worth it!!!

Friday, I washed clothes, picked up, and got groceries. Saturday, brad went fishing, while I sat at home watching movies, then we went to dinner, and caught a movie. Sunday. Was actually our day of "work" if you will... We moved in the last bit of our furniture, finished the molding around the dog door, and at the very last moment decided to start a brick walk way... Which looks amazing (forgive the dark picture) I'll post some before and after pictures soon I promise!!

For those who don't know, we purchased an older home in Fountain Inn. Which I love. It's a project, something we can continue to change and update.. It keeps us super busy, when we have the cash, because lowes is NOT cheap. but we like it, and we're happy with it.

Until later on...

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