Monday, June 4, 2012

DO it ya self!

Here lately I've been feeling rather... Crafty. I get into these little moods occasionally. Normally it turns out okay.

Let's start with A) our house had horrible stepping stones leading to our porch. And by stepping stones... I mean cement blocks in the ground. It drove me nuts and made the house look bad. So after much pleading and a few puppy dog eyes.. I got the okay to start my project. (thanks B!) and we now have a gorgeous brick walk way that I am so proud of.

B) I have been eye balling these cute new paper bag skirts that are so in right now. They are adorable but at $45+ for something that will go outta style tomorrow... I can't do it. So thanks to A lovely blog I stumbled on... I made a skirt. Yes.. Made. And I'm pretty fond of it personally. Plus its comfortable!!

My next projects?...stand by... They are on the way ;)

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